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Thank you for your interest in the Are You the Difference? campaign. As we develop our programs and resources, they will be added to this section, allowing you to learn about the steps we're taking to end new HIV infections in the Sacramento region within 5 years.


Promote HIV awareness by adding Are You the Difference? web buttons, badges, and banners to your Website—just download, add to your own site, and link back to ours.

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Download the Are You the Difference plan to all new cases of HIV in Sacramento HERE.

THE RESOURCES...Are You the Difference Kit

Download your own Are You the Difference Kit

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Are You the Difference? Initiative Strategic Plan

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Are You the Difference? Donate/Advocate/Volunteer Card

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“No progress will be achieved by being timid, refusing to face unpleasant facts, or prejudging our fellow human beings -- still less by stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDS. Let no one imagine that we can protect ourselves by building barriers between "us" and "them". In the ruthless world of AIDS, there is no us and them. And in that world, silence is death.” - Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, December 1, 2002